When Should You Get an Energy Performance Certificate for Your Property?

The certificate can be collected from most Scottish councils

An Energy Performance Certificate is an important element when it comes to improving your home’s energy efficiency. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) records information on the energy usage and other pertinent information about a property. It includes information on the property’s energy usage, average energy bills and suggestions on how to cut energy usage and save money at the same time. The certificate can be collected from most Scottish councils when the planning permission has been obtained for development.

What should an energy performance certificate to be used for? Typically, it is carried out on newly built properties where the tenants occupy the premises. This is to make sure that the building is as efficient as possible so as to achieve the best possible rating. In Scotland, as in the rest of the United Kingdom, it is an essential condition for planning permission to be granted. It is used to check whether a property meets the minimum criteria set by the Scottish government for buildings that are to be rented out and new build.

How do you carry out an energy performance certificate?

In order to get one, potential buyers or tenants of your property will have to fill in a form with details about its construction, appliances and heating and cooling systems. If you are selling your property, the form should be returned along with all relevant bills, receipts and documents relating to your property. It would be best if the forms were completed and signed by a tradesperson as this would provide a history of the building and the energy efficiency achieved throughout its lifetime. Prospective tenants or buyers could also give you a copy of the form.

When should you need an EPC? You should seek an energy performance certificate at the start of its lifespan. Usually, you need to seek an assessment after two years of the property’s use, although this will depend on the type of property and other considerations. The time when you need to obtain an assessment depends on the regulations for local authorities in your area. For properties in Scotland, it is usually required after three years, while in England and Wales it is only needed after five years.

When should you use a domestic energy assessor?

If you are selling or buying a house, then you should use an assessor to obtain an EPC. You can save money if you get a second opinion on the value of your property from someone who knows about it and who is experienced in obtaining these assessments. This way, you will not waste time trying to contact an assessor who may not be reliable or reputable.

An EPC can improve the marketability of your property and bring it more customers. However, some people think that they are unnecessary and that they can actually damage certain properties. If you are thinking about installing them on your property, then you can still do it yourself. If you install them properly, they will not have any negative impact on your property and on its environment. Therefore, even if you think that you cannot save money by installing them yourself, you should still consider getting an energy performance certificate to check whether your property complies with certain regulations.

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