What is Payday Loan?

Payday Loan – Legal Illinois Money

Payday Loan: What is Payday Loan? A payday loan is also known as cash advances, paycheck loans, or check loans. Payday loans are short-term cash loans based on borrowers’ current checks held for later deposit into a bank account or on electronic access to the borrower’s account. Borrowers usually write a check for the exact amount borrowed plus the finance charge and get cash directly from their lender, usually within a few hours. Some payday lenders even allow borrowers to borrow up the exact amount owed minus the finance charge.


There are several charges payable with every payday loan

the interest rate, the lender’s fee, any applicable federal or state taxes, and any additional fees that might apply. Additional charges may be applied when a loan is deferred, and a lender who does not charge a reasonable fee and interest is not a legitimate payday lender. Other fees common are document preparation fees, and an extra fee if the loan amount is paid by post-dated cheques.


In general, the best way for borrowers to avoid fees

is by paying the full amount of the loan within the time period specified. Most borrowers want to know if their loan has been approved before they leave the store with the cash. It is illegal to leave a store with cash without completing the entire transaction. The legal terms are that the store employee must deposit the complete amount of the payday loan into the borrowers’ account or provide written evidence that the loan has been paid.


Payday Loan in Illinois 

Is Payday Loan legal in Illinois? Payday Loan is allowed in Illinois as long as borrowers meet all the requirements. First, borrowers need to be at least 18 years old and full-time students. The second requirement is that borrowers must be enrolled in an educational institution that is authorized to receive state financial aid. If borrowers meet these requirements, then Payday Loan is legal in Illinois.


Borrowers should check their bill limits

before writing a payday loan to make sure that there are no overdraft fees. If a lender will allow a non-sufficient funds fee, this means that borrowers will be charged the normal interest rate minus the applicable minimum. However, if the lender will not charge a fee, the borrower may be charged the standard interest rate plus the applicable minimum. Payday Loans can be risky, but with proper protection, the benefits can outweigh the risks.


Payday Loan in Illinois 

When can a borrower take out a short-term loan in Illinois? If you need money right away, then taking out a short-term loan from a lender in Illinois can be beneficial, since the money can be used to pay bills or buy groceries. However, before a borrower takes out a payday loan, he should check his bill status to make sure that all of the bills have been paid and the money is not already outstanding. Payday loans cannot be used to consolidate debt, cover utility bills, or pay credit card bills. Also, if a borrower takes out a payday loan to pay for a car repair or medical emergency, the bill will be debited from the cash advance amount instead of being deposited in a bank account or credit line.

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