What are Real Estate Agents?

Real Estate Agents – How to Drive Traffic to Your Websites

Real estate investing can be a highly lucrative field. However, it does come with its share of challenges, as well as the distinct possibility of encountering a lot of people who are looking to take advantage of your hard work and investment properties. This is why it is necessary to have a good online marketing plan in place before you begin investing in real estate. The best thing about real estate investing is that there are literally millions of potential clients you can reach by simply creating a good online marketing funnel.


A real estate funnel

is basically the system that directs your traffic to be cultivated into legitimate leads, then being nurtured into actual clients. Without good content, low conversion rates, and poor social media promotions, your online marketing efforts will fail. You must become active in building your clientele, by using Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, etc… Also, if you own a website, this can be leveraged to get free leads. But without a good online marketing funnel in place, all of this will be for naught. Therefore, to really make an impact on the market and increase your chances of becoming a successful real estate agent, you’ve got to develop well-oiled, well-seeded, quality leads funnel marketing.


An email marketing campaign

is probably the best way that you could get started with getting leads for your real estate business, but without a good online marketing funnel in place, the results will be minimal. For one thing, most people don’t use email marketing – at least not in a traditional sense. But another problem is that most email marketing campaigns center around landing pages. A good real estate funnel solves both of these problems in one fell swoop.


So how do you create a good real estate email marketing funnel?

First of all, you need to decide what type of email marketing you want to do. Will you be using direct mail, pay-per-click advertising, or referrals? The decision you make will impact the nature of your marketing funnel. Direct mail, for example, can consist of brochures, postcards, letters, envelopes, and more. Pay per click advertising campaigns usually has a list of sites where you can pay a small fee for each visitor that comes to your site.


Now, there are many different ways

that you can set up your email marketing campaign so that it drives traffic to your websites. You can use anything from a simple squeeze page to an opt-in page, to an autoresponder to handle your prospects’ emails. But the key is to have a good system in place so that you can quickly and easily drive traffic to your websites. And the only way that you can do this effectively is by using prequalified leads.


Prequalified leads are people who have indicated

that they might be interested in buying a home shortly. They already know that they have some of the qualifications that are necessary, such as income, credit score, and others. With this information, the agent can begin to market their services to them. The advantages of using prequalified leads are that they are already interested, which makes it much easier to generate traffic to your website. Finally, a good marketing plan is always productive and effective.

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