what are Mental and physical training activities?

Complex Training Activities During the Play Protocol in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Mental and physical training activities are very important to keep the athlete at the peak of his performance. Every athlete should be able to perform normal and complex training activities to reach the peak of the performance. If you train without considering the mental aspects, then you might have the chance of having a bad performance and also a failure in your training program. If we consider the things that the athlete should consider in the training sessions, then the athlete will have a great chance to make a success in the training. In this article, we will discuss some of the characteristics of the mental and physical components of the training.

One of the most important aspects of the mental preparation

of the athlete is the play protocol. You may know that Dr. Maximuscle has explained the concept of the play protocol in great detail and also in such a way that everyone can easily understand it. However, I want to give you an example of how you should use the play protocol in the training session to improve your performance. If you will look at the definition of the play protocol, then you will see that the protocol includes the warm-up, the cool-down period, and the active rest.

The warm-up period

is an essential phase of the play protocol to prepare your body for vigorous activity. Usually, many athletes have the wrong idea that the period is necessary only during the competitive phase. The fact is that the period must be performed even before the start of the athletic training. If you want to get the best result from the exercise, then it is recommended to have three hours of warm-up in your daily life. In addition, you have to visit your physician to make sure that the play protocol is suitable for you or your health condition.

The next step of the play protocol

is the cool-down period. During this period, the athlete will be able to reduce the intensity of the work. Usually, the athlete will feel the difference after ten minutes of the cool down. This means that the condition of the heart has been restored and the workload that was required can no longer be done by the athlete.

The third part is the active part.

This means that the play protocol in the Dr. Mattox clinic consists of exercises that will help the individual to recover from the traumatic injury. This type of exercise must be performed regularly to maintain physical fitness after the traumatic event. For those who are suffering from myocarditis, you have to perform exercises that will stimulate the oxygen flow into the injured areas. If you have myocarditis, you should have the same type of exercises as the athlete to stimulate the oxygen flow into the affected area.

After this, the Dr. Mattox clinic will recommend a graded return.

This means that the amount of exercise will change according to the condition of the heart. After the graded return, you will be able to do the same exercises that you have been doing to keep the condition of your heart in good condition during the recovery period.

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