Tips For Reducing Your Energy Bills

Are rising energy bills, keeping you up at night?

After all, your entire housing payment does not change either. Your monthly car payment remains the same every month, year after year. However, there are a lot of different reasons why your utility bill could go up or swing wildly from month to month, without you ever knowing it.

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to constantly rising energy bills is simply because most people leave their air conditioning running and forget about it. Even if your air conditioning works while you are at home during the summer months and completely silent during the colder months, the unit should still be left on at all times to minimize the amount of heat it takes out of your home. However, if you leave your air conditioning unit running all year, you will be required to pay more for cooling during the summer and winter months.

reasons your energy bills could go up

Other reasons your energy bills could go up include being in an area that has extreme weather conditions, such as hurricane-like storms, blizzards, or extreme heat. Even if your home does not have these types of weather patterns, being surrounded by them every day causes electricity to cost more than it would in other areas. Luckily, there are steps you can take that will reduce the amount of electricity your home uses. In fact, there are 10 states across the country that have environmental laws that require the household to install certain devices that reduce the amount of electricity they use each month.

The first step you want to take to begin reducing your energy bills is by looking through your phone book and calling your local utility. Most people never even realize how much they are spending each month on their utilities until they receive their next billing notice. If your service provider offers any kind of green program, be sure to ask about it before you start buying from them. In some cases, green programs are even free. Reading all about the different programs available can help you pinpoint which ones are best for your budget.

way to reduce your energy bills

Another way to reduce your energy bills is by replacing your old bulbs with new energy efficient CFLs or halogen bulbs. These energy efficient bulbs use only a fraction of the energy it takes traditional incandescent bulbs to run. With a CFL, you also don’t have to worry about putting up with the trash and recycling you’ll have to do anymore. If you choose to keep your old incandescent bulb, simply buy energy saving lights to replace those pesky old bulbs.

Changing your air conditioning settings from hot to cool, is another way to reduce your energy bills. You may not think that a simple change like this will make a difference, but when you think about it, if your house is cooler in the summer months, you are going to use less energy. And in the winter, the same thing will happen. By making the room cooler, you are going to turn off the AC and save money on your energy bills each month. By making just a few changes to your home, you could drastically reduce your monthly electric bill and possibly even help the environment at the same time.

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