The Best Form to Wear to Protect Your Eyes From Harm

the most comprehensive type of protection

Maximum eye protection while working with lasers is a must in all situations where laser technology is used, including technical, manufacturing, graphics-design, medical and cosmetic applications, and laser hair removal. Special-duty eye protection produced by trusted manufacturers will provide the most comprehensive type of protection. A good tip for the protection of eyes while working with lasers is to use eye protection that includes additional features such as extra-thickness foam, scratch-resistant polyester and UV protection.

Eye protection may be divided into three categories according to the level of protection needed. The first is the full-face piece which is basically a pair of safety goggles and the second is the disposable nitrile safety goggles which are made from clear plastic and the third category is the full-face model which is made from a full pair of safety goggles but includes a nasal protection which will prevent the eye from debris and foreign matter entering the nose. In addition, full face piece is available in different colors and sizes to meet the preferences of different users.

enhance the user’s comfort

Full face piece is made of high impact plastic, because this will enhance the user’s comfort and will also prevent the eye from debris and dust from entering and damaging the eye. Most of these are designed to resist chemicals while they are being worn. They are often coated with various chemicals to prevent penetration of chemicals on the skin and the eyes. However, extreme exposure to chemicals should always be avoided. Some of the common chemicals that are often found in the air include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, dioxins, phosphorus, iodine, ammonia, hydrogen, and many others.

There are also some impact-resistant lenses available for users who need a higher level of eye protection. These are commonly called anti-glare lenses. It has specially-designed coating to absorb and reflect light. Some of the most popular anti-glare lenses are offered by brands such as Ciba Vision, Acuvue, Oakley, Purevision, Panasonic, Durasoft, etc.

moisture and dust

Some people do not like wearing eye protection, so they prefer to wear disposable or goggle-like goggles. However, it is always recommended to wear goggles that are more than 100 degrees resistant against heat and cold. This is to prevent chemical splashes on your face when working in industrial areas. These types of goggles are made of durable polycarbonate and have anti-fog layer to inhibit moisture and dust from entering the eye. This is the best form to wear in unfavorable working conditions.

However, there are still various kinds of hazards that can affect our eyes. Therefore, we should always consider the benefits of wearing protective eyewear may help avoid chemical eye irritations and other eye injuries. In fact, you may get free eye examinations at Optometrist clinics once a year.

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