Moldavite Crystal and Its History

Moldavite crystal is a medium sized, orange-colored crystal that was created millions of years ago when mold spores would accumulate at the bottoms of lake mounds. As time passed, the crystals would form into beautiful patterns that can be found in the artwork all over the world. This particular crystal is very fragile and has to be handled with care or it will become detached from its moulds and begin to break off.

moldavite crystal


The main place to find moldavite crystal is in art galleries. It can be found in paintings that date back to the early Renaissance and in modern art as well. In fact, this particular crystal is rare and extremely valuable because it is only produced in nature by microorganisms in an oxygenated environment.


The beautiful thing about this crystal is that it is unique among all other types of crystal. The crystal forms while the mineral compounds of water are being formed inside the crystal. After the process is complete, the mineral compound is separated from the crystal by a process called electrolysis. This separation of the minerals offers the glass a color that ranges from light brown to a beautiful orange.


There are several places where you can find moldavite. The most popular place to find this mineral is in art galleries, but it can also be found in cabins, mines, old barns, and desert scenery. This is what makes the crystal so unique, as it is also one of the rarest minerals in the world. One downside to having moldavite crystal is that it tends to break down over time, so it will eventually require new moldavite pieces to finish a new piece of art.

The best way to protect your moldavite pieces is to leave them out of direct sunlight and moisture. It is also recommended that you seal the container of your moldavite crystals, especially if you plan on keeping them indoors. You should also make sure that they are not exposed to heat, as this can also cause them to break down. If your crystal pieces start to crack, all you need to do is replace them, no questions asked.

In addition to the beauty and rarity of this crystal, it has also been proven to be extremely effective against a wide variety of different illnesses. For instance, it has been used to treat everything from sore throats to colds, as well as arthritis and various forms of cancer. Because of its effectiveness, it is often prescribed by physicians as a treatment for conditions such as HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases. Many people have also reported positive results with its use for headaches, arthritis, joint pain, as well as migraine headaches.

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