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How To Read A Gas Meter

Gas meters are a great way to measure the amount of energy you use. They come in many different types. Diaphragm gasmeters are the most common, containing two or more chambers that fill and empty alternately. This creates a near-continuous flow of gas through the meter. The diaphragm is moved by levers connected to a crank. The crank is the primary flow element. Some models have an odometer-like counter and even produce electrical pulses to power the flow computer. Regardless of the type of meter, these devices are often classified as positive displacement meters.

Reading A Gas Meter

The process of reading a gas meter is based on a similar principle as reading a clock. It’s a good idea to photograph the dials so you’ll have a reference point when reading your meter. Make sure you ignore the red dials that say “100 per rev” and try to remember which numbers are closest to those. If you’re having trouble interpreting the dials, you can always take a picture of them to record the information.

Different Types Of Gas Meters

Another way to read a gas meter is to turn it counterclockwise, as if it were a clock. This will help you understand the different types of gas meters. Most meters have four or five dials that move clockwise or counterclockwise. Regardless of which type of meter you have, you’ll need to know which ones you’re looking at. Some meters have dials that move counterclockwise while others go back and forth from left to right. Generally, you should write down the number of a dial hand that hovers over the number.

Dial Reading System

Natural gas meters use a dial reading system that reads from left to right. If the hand reaches between two numbers, like a 9 and a 0 – the meter uses the lower number. In other words, natural gas meters always use the lower number. So, you should always check your natural gas meter. It will give you a precise reading of the amount of energy you’re using. The simplest method is to read the dial on the left.

Type Of Gas

When reading a gas meter, you should first know what type of gas it is. It can be read by using the arrows on the dial. You can also find a digital display on a gas meter that is easy to read. There are a variety of models on the market, but the majority of them have the same basic mechanism. You’ll need to take pictures of your gas meters if you’re not sure how to read them.

In Summary

If you’re unfamiliar with how to read gas meters, here are a few things you should know. The basic design of gas meters is similar to a clock. There are four or five dials on a gas meter. Some move clockwise while others move counterclockwise. The numbers on the dials should all be in the direction of 0 to nine. Once you’ve learned to read your meter, it will be easier to read your meter for the next time.

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