how to care your Contact Lenses

How to Properly Clean Your Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses, also known as regular glasses, are thin thick lenses usually placed directly on top of the cornea of the eye. Contact Lenses are non-surgical prosthetic appliances used by more than 150 million individuals worldwide, and they are worn to correct bad vision, restore vision, or for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons. Contact Lenses come in two general categories – multifocal and bifocal. The most popular among Contact Lenses are multifocal, because it corrects both near and far vision, and it is comfortable for both the wearer and for the eye.


There are some basic things

that every individual should know about how to care for their Contact Lenses. You should always visit your optometrist before buying a new pair, even if you are buying contacts for the first time. Your optometrist can examine your eyes properly, determine the problem with your vision, and give you the best option for caring for your contacts. If you are buying them online, find out if the site you are buying from is reputable and if the company will honor their return policy in case your lenses do not fit or are damaged.


As the popularity of contact lenses has grown

so has the number of scams around. While there are many great contact lens wear products available, contact lenses do not work miracles. They are best used as a temporary form of vision correction. So, be sure to take good care of them, just as you would take care of your glasses. Here are some ways that you can care for your contact lenses.


First, regular cleaning of your contact lenses

is important to prolong their life and prevent eye infections. The Litterbox, which is included with your contacts, is designed to catch and keep foreign materials out of your eye, including dirt and bacteria. However, if you use your contact lenses frequently, you may scratch the Corneal layer, the outermost layer of the cornea. This can lead to an infection, which can be very serious.


If you wear disposable lenses

you should remove them and store them separately. Disposable lenses should not be stored in your eyes, as they can contain bacteria that could irritate your eyes and cause irritation or even infection. Instead, you should throw them away or put them in a sealed container and keep your current contacts in a clean bag.


Dry eye lubricants are also a must-have item

They help reduce dryness by providing moisture to the cornea. There are a couple of different types of lubricants to choose from: water-based and oil-based. Both are effective for contacts, so feel free to use either one. To avoid irritation and dried-out eyes, consider using some form of oil-free cleaning solutions, which tend to be less messy but more effective at providing moisture to your contacts.

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