How to activate smart meters

How Do I Make Smart Meters Work For Me?

What are Smart Meters? With the recent advancements in technology that allow electricity and gas meters to be hooked up to computers and internet lines, utilities can provide more accurate data than ever before. Consumers like this because they can see their usage patterns and know when their usage is high and when it is not. With more efficient billing, it is possible to maximize the efficiency of energy and utility use.


Smart Meters

are an updated version of your existing gas and electricity meter. With two main distinctions: first, it shows in inches and cents how much energy you have used over a month. Second, it sends usage information directly to your electric and gas supplier so you can maximize your savings. Once installed, your supplier will take the collected data and create an online account with which you can track all your energy consumption.


How do I activate my new smart meter?

Your supplier should set you up with your new smart meter in a few hours. This process usually takes just a few minutes. If there is any question, though, and you do not feel comfortable with the arrangement, you can contact the supplier at any time to get things sorted out. In most cases, if you are going to install a smart meter you will also need to purchase an energy efficiency package from your supplier; the more efficient your package, the more money you will save at the end of the year.


Can Smart Meters

Be Used to Analyze My General Energy Consumption? Yes, they can. A smart meter can be used to track not only your monthly consumption and estimated bills, but can also be used to track seasonal patterns. If you have unusually high or unusually low energy usage during certain times of the year, you can use your meter readings to determine if the usage patterns are related to when you typically turn on the heater or when you are least likely to turn on the air conditioner. With this information, you can take steps to either: reduce your energy consumption in these times or improve your air conditioning or heater settings to make them more suitable for your daily lifestyle.


How do I Use Energy

From My Meter to Save Money? Some electricity suppliers offer their customers the opportunity to use energy from their meters to pay their annual energy usage charges. The amount of energy that can be credited to your meter will depend on the rate that your supplier has set for the use of its tariffs. If your contract has set a fixed tariff rate for a set period, you can use energy credits on your smart meter for the entire duration of that contract.


Where Can I Get Smart Meters for My Business Premises

Smart meters are available from several suppliers and installers and can be installed in your business premises at no extra cost. Smart Meters provide accurate and up-to-date electricity readings and will report any fluctuation to you, saving you vital time and money in the process. You can also ask your electricity supplier to install a special reading device outside your premises, which will alert you to any changes in electrical conditions on the premises.

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