Getting the Best Rate From Your Business Energy Suppliers

the cost of business energy

In these days of ever-increasing costs for everything, including energy, the cost of business energy is growing as well. This is not something you need to ignore. Every business should look into their power usage, no matter how small they are. Making the change will not only be for your bottom line, but also for the betterment of your company. Once you start taking steps towards decreasing your energy use, you will find that your company will begin to benefit as well.

Even if this may not feel like a big deal in the beginning, when it come to your company energy costs and use, it is. Get a professional energy audit done for your company and find out where your hard-earned money is really going each month. You can find the wholesale price that your supplier pays for natural gas, electricity, coal, oil and other forms of energy. When you know this, you can put more money in your pocket by reducing your monthly power bill and increasing the amount of money you can save on your overall heating and cooling costs. This could mean higher profits or it could mean a new, lower cost for all your equipment and furnishings.

business can reduce its energy

Another way that your business can reduce its energy use and improve its climate change footprint is by installing a low-flow shower head. A lot of them come with a two-year guarantee to protect your investment. Some also come with a 50% reduction in your annual standing charge on your power supply, which will save you money and the environment at the same time. Make sure you check and see what your energy supplier offers before you decide to install one of these low-flow shower heads.

Your supplier may offer a variety of incentives to help you make the switch. If you have a good credit rating, you might be able to qualify for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which will indicate how much electricity your home uses and helps you compare the costs with other homes in your neighborhood. The certificate also shows you how much energy your house is using compared to other buildings in the area and gives you information about your carbon emissions and other environmental impacts related to your electricity use.

business energy efficiency plan

Your business energy efficiency plan should include regular usage analysis as well as recommendations about how you can reduce your consumption even more, especially if you’re a large customer. For instance, you can ask your suppliers to provide you with a special meter to measure the amount of electricity used by your air conditioning, heating and cooling system at any given time. They can also give you advice on how you can use natural daylight to heat your offices when you’re not using these systems and turn down your lights when you leave the premises.

You can get the best rate from your energy suppliers when you offer to help reduce the consumption of energy, particularly for businesses that are large. They can offer to make retrofits to improve the efficiency of your equipment and use low-energy appliances to save you money. To find the best rates, ask your suppliers whether you qualify for further assistance, such as payroll tax credits, or whether you can get an energy efficiency certificate as a company incentive. Some businesses can offer to let you use one of their certified energy efficient properties to pay your part towards your energy bills.

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