Fun Ideas for Children’s Parties

kid’s party is fun!

The idea of celebrating a child’s birthday with a drive-by party may seem a little quaint in today’s technological, instant-result culture. But drive-by parties can still be a lot of fun, especially for a kid’s party! Invite friends and neighbors and plan a party around the neighborhood or the block. Spread the word about your child’s birthday party on Facebook, ask schoolmates to pass along word, or just encourage everyone you know to help with decorations and cleanup. In addition to making a celebration of your child’s birthday, a drive-by party is an opportunity to let your community know about the child.

Drive-by parties are also great ideas for kids’ birthday. Kids love the community, and a drive-by party theme lets them participate in the birthday bash just like their parents. The next time your son or daughter has an event that they want to celebrate, consider planning a local drive-by birthday party and the great thing about it is the venue does not have to be expensive. As long as there is a parking space available and enough room to let guests in and out of your house, you can host the event at no cost. There are all kinds of creative ways to make that sort of social distance special for a kid’s birthday. Use the ideas below to create a party atmosphere just like one that you would throw for a couple hundred dollars:

Ice Cream Party Ideas

Drive through parties can also double as a great ice cream party. Just like a drive through candy bar, ice cream tables can be decorated to match the theme of your party. Plan on serving ice cream cones, miniature sundaes, or other sundae-like treats, along with homemade sweets like chocolate lollipops and cookies. You can buy themed sundae mix at your local dollar shop or search online for ideas. Be sure to provide lots of seating for guests as you conduct the ice cream party.

Cheese Party Ideas Having friends over for another fun gathering can mean celebrating another year with some wonderful cheese party ideas. Share the ideas for decorating a cheese party and other interesting ways to celebrate another year at your child’s birthday. Guests may include family and close friends of your child, or you can choose to invite a specific guest to the birthday. Ask other parents in your neighborhood or ask friends online for some ideas.

Book Club Party Ideas

One way to kick off a fun book club is by hosting a party idea that celebrates the latest book. To do this, you need some of your child’s favorite things, and to kick it off, why not plan a themed book club? Take different books from your child’s library and get them together for a fun book club. Guests can bring a favorite book or two to the party and make suggestions to help you improve the club. This book club idea is a great idea because it allows you to give your child new reading material and even test their knowledge. With your child’s approval, you can purchase the books that have been suggested, and then you can have a great party!

Cartoon Character Party Ideas A lot of kids love to have their favorite characters come to their parties, including Disney and Toy Story characters. For a great cartoon character party, you can give everyone an idea of what they’ll be doing at the party by letting them come to a one of your child’s places and finding out more about what they like. To make this even more exciting, find out what activities your child likes to do in their free time, then invite them to come to the party and you’ll have the ultimate fun ideas for a cartoon character party. Consider getting a cake with a character on it, and serving the character’s favorite food items. Use a good coloring book to draw the different pictures, which will add even more fun to this party.

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