Energy Conservation Tips to Cut Your Electricity Bill by 30%

knowledge that the cost of electricity bills can be controlled to a great extent

It is common knowledge that the cost of electricity bills can be controlled to a great extent. However, how much should you actually control your electricity consumption per day? Many people feel that they should be able to control their energy consumption to the desired level at least. The question is do you really know what are your options in controlling your energy consumption? You can certainly get information from different sources and there are many websites available on the Internet that offer detailed information about various energy bills.

It is obvious that reducing your energy consumption per day is important to save our environment. However, if we look at the scenario before the recession; people were using very high proportion of their energy consumption per day on electricity. This was mainly due to the availability of cheap and affordable electricity. With the advent of the recession, the price of various products have come down. There are many other reasons as well as switching off lights when not required, conservation of energy, etc. Therefore, it can be said that one of the best ways to reduce your electricity bill is to adopt some simple and practical techniques.

Another method is to use appliances that produce heat or cool air

Some of the most common and effective methods for controlling energy consumption per day are changing the light bulbs, ensuring proper ventilation in rooms and using energy saving appliances such as Fans, incubators, and heaters in appropriate proportion. Another method is to use appliances that produce heat or cool air instead of using central heating or cooling systems. Another option is to ensure proper insulation of rooms to get maximum warmth from the sun. Insulation also plays an important role in preventing electricity bill increase. This is possible if you insulate curtains and other draperies properly.

Most of us are unaware of the fact that trees make up most of the energy consumption per day. If trees are taken care of, it can help to save the environment. Therefore, planting trees is a great step towards energy conservation.

measures available to improve your energy efficiency

There are various measures available to improve your energy efficiency. One important step is to replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps. The bulbs are also more efficient and last longer than incandescent ones. Energy Star incandescent bulbs also use less electricity and last longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. You can also get your computers, television, and other electrical appliances fitted with energy-saving light bulbs.

Apart from energy efficiency, you can also reduce your electricity bill by installing energy-saving light bulbs. These bulbs use a lot less electricity and last for a longer time. Similarly, energy-efficient windows and doors can also reduce the electricity consumption per day. Similarly, air conditioners should be used in case you live in a place where the temperature gets too high during the summer. You can also take up a few steps to make your room more comfortable by installing cushions, foot rests, low tables, and air conditioning.

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