A Guide to Picnic Tables and Seating

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Picnic tables offer rustic outdoor seating for large to small gatherings and will often last for several years if properly maintained. While generally treated and built to stand up to the weather, the clear coatings used to guard the wooden finish on picnic tables eventually wears down over time. The wood begins to warp, split, warp again, or both. A wood worker who is skilled in refinishing wood will be able to restore your picnic table to its former beauty using special tools and a variety of methods.

Using a good sealant is the best way to preserve your picnic tables for many years. Depending on the materials used to make the table, it may be best to choose a wood stain that will resist weathering or one that will not dry out or rot due to exposure to moisture. Some woods are better suited to mildew prevention than others. If you are having your table re-stained or repainted, use the same wood sealant that you used for the original treatment to ensure that your newly treated piece will not turn into a green, cracking mess.

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You may want to consider using mildew inhibitors or oxygen bleach to treat your picnic tables. Mildew is the result of the interaction of spores with the natural sugars in the wood and releases an odour that is very difficult to remove. People often wonder if mildew is even possible to get off the wood, but the fact is mildew can be left behind if you leave food on the table after you clean it. A strong air scrub brush combined with a high pressure air dryer will remove any remaining mildew from the surface of your picnic tables.

Picnic tables that are round should have deep seating benches with their backs attached. This is not only to make it easier for you to sit down and relax, but also to prevent your children from tipping over. The back rest on the picnic tables should be padded to avoid injury, and if the tables have side panels instead of a solid backboard, these should also be equipped with padding to prevent injury. Picnic tables with rounded tops are ideal if you like to grill – you can place hot coals right onto them and cook away. Children can be supervised when they are near the barbecue area to prevent them from touching hot surfaces.

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When selecting the type of wood you will use for your Picnic Table and seating, you should look for products that are designed to resist decay and insect infestation. You should also make sure that the Sun Seal on the seat and the Sun Seal on the table is highly resistant to sun exposure, because exposure to direct sunlight is one of the leading causes of premature aging of wood. Many Picnic Tables and Seating come with cushions or adjustable backrests. These removable accessories add comfort as well as an attractive finishing touch. Sunlight exposure should not harm wood, but prolonged exposure to the bright rays of the sun can cause dry and cracking eventually.

There are different types of Picnic Tables and seating to choose from. You can find folding tables for compact camping trips, benches for picnics in wide spaces, and even permanent tables and seating made from heavy-duty metal. Whatever your needs may be, there’s a Picnic Table and Seating solution to suit you. With so many styles and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect picnic tables and seating for your next trip to the park. If you’re looking for the best deals and value in Picnic Tables and Seating, why not browse online.

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