5 Tips For Eye Health

Eye health is extremely important

The human eye requires a lot of strain and attention in order to perform even the simplest tasks. That’s why taking care of your eyes should be given the same importance as taking care of other parts of your body. One way to ensure the health of your eyes is by avoiding the things that can greatly harm your eyes. Some of the things you should avoid include:

UVA Radiation: Long-term or short-term exposure to UV radiation has been known to cause damage to the cornea, which in turn can result to poor vision. This can also damage your eyes, affect your sight, and eventually lead to weakening eye health. There are various eye ailments or diseases which can be caused or compromised by UV radiation, such as: Dry Eye: This is a common ailment that results from frequent rubbing of the eyelids, resulting to drying and inflammation. Asthma: This is a chronic respiratory condition that is characterized by airway narrowing and congestion of the lungs. Cataract: This is a disease wherein the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and impaired. This can eventually lead to weakening of vision.

protect it from reflect light

The main purpose of the human eye is to reflect light, so it’s important for us to protect it from any possible damage. One way we do this is through the lenses that we wear. The lens of your eyes is your window to the world, so whenever you’re outside and come into contact with the sun, the rays of the sun can damage your cornea and vision. To keep your eyes safe, it’s best to use sunglasses or polarized lenses whenever you go outside. If you frequently experience any symptoms or problems regarding your vision, talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Eye infections are a common issue among seniors. Eye infections are typically caused by objects that get close enough to enter the eye and cause irritation to the sensitive cells within. Common infections include the following: conjunctivitis, xerosis, and sties. Eye allergies can also be caused by environmental factors, like chemicals in detergents, solvents, pesticides, or household cleaning products. To avoid these issues, it’s best to always use cotton swabs on hands and replace toilet paper frequently.

transmitted UVB rays in the ultraviolet spectrum

Uva ursi herb can help improve your eyesight by increasing the intensity of transmitted UVB rays in the ultraviolet spectrum. This ingredient is usually found in eye drops, but there are also herbal supplements available in capsule form. It is believed that uva ursi increases blood flow in the ocular of the retina, which improves central vision. It has also been used in other ailments, such as headaches, depression, fatigue, stomach problems, sexual dysfunction, urinary disorders, rheumatism, and more. Research has not proven the effectiveness of uva ursi, however.

If you wear contact lenses, you need to be aware of your visual habits. Be sure to avoid prolonged periods of near-vision (nearsighted) using the computer, television, video games, and sports equipment. Our eyes need at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep every night to recharge. If you work or spend long hours without sleep, the lack of adequate sleep can eventually lead to poor eyesight. The lack of nutrients from the diet can also lead to poor vision development.

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